Whos Pokemon Game

Play this entertaining game and refresh your memory about the 251 Pokemon characters. To win on the game, you need the ability to remember all characteristics and names. At this Pokemon online game you need to play remembering the noble and evil, the sleepy ones, the huge and bulky types, the flying one, the insects and everything. Whos Pokemon game might be very simple.

1st is the novice level, it is so uncomplicated to play - here, the characters are so easy to be recognized...but then, you have to be careful in the next levels, you got three of them. If you think you know all Pokemon then you better try this one. It is a silhouette solving game, play Pokemon online by checking the shadow of the Pokemon listed right on your screen and matching it to its name.

In this game, you'll find three levels to play and you'll obtain a certificate every time you pass each one. This free game of Pokemon is quite engaging, especially the fact that there will be Pokemon on the sidelines cheering you on. It won't matter if you get a point or lose it - they'll never go without a comment for you. It's best that you ace all levels so you'll read only the nicest remarks.

The advanced level of this game is the trickiest. When you arrive there, we've got just one advice for you: don't get fooled by your eyes! The shadows are going to be weird and distorted that you might not guess it right. Do not worry. After all, this game is all for fun! The 2nd, in your Pokemon game online, is good trainer level where you find all the characters on their different hiding positions

The 3rd is the master trainer level. In this harder stage, you will play with a combination of all these levels. The characters come out in silhouette image. The Whos Pokemon game online screen is divided into 3 parts. The first one is where the silhouette appears. The second division is where your choices are listed. On the third part of the game, Pikachu and Bulbasaur are talking.

If you know every and each Pokemon, then you may feel it as a boring Pokemon game to be played online. But then, it gets a little bit more exciting in the later part because they can't be seen as clearly like before. And Bulbasaur would distract you on your guess. It is a very fun game recommended to be played with your friends or family. Play Pokemon online for free and all you want

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