Pokemon Towering Legends Game

The object of this game is to create one stack of colored crystals. When a stack is done, click on mouse to produce a fusion and earn some points. Here you need to play Pokemon online and build a higher stack in order to get a greater fusion. In Pokemon Towering Legends your mission is to play online just by clicking on crystals with the same color.

Make sure that you don't touch other colors. If you do it, your stack would shatter and you have to start the Pokemon online game again. Pokemon Towering Legends game is a time-limit Pokemon game so be wary of the amount you spend when play it. If you think that the stack crystal is high enough or it may accidentally hit other crystals, better click on your mouse to collect your points.

If you're looking for a game of strategy and precision, Pokemon Towering Legends game would be great for you. This game can take you to a stacking spree wherein you only have to collect gems of different colors and pile 'em all together. You want to play being careful with what you're doing because one wrong move would cost you a lot. A perfect tower gives you maximum score.

The goal is to clear the board within the time limit without getting touched by any of the gems of the other color. You do not want all these gems to explode because that would mean more time needed completing the puzzle. If you feel that your stack will touch another gem, click on the left mouse button to fuse them away. Clear the level before time runs out.

So try to play by collecting all those gems of identical color before clicking to fuse them all. On Pokemon Towering Legends game, you should be fast and finish stacking all the scattered color crystals within the allotted time. This online game has 8 levels to finish. Time available for each level decreases as you go up each stage.

In this game, play Pokemon online with speed and strategy - they are the keys to end any level. Play this Pokemon game online with your friends as it can be very fun. Compete with another player with scores to beat. Kids love to play a Pokemon game like this - which is free to play on this website. Here is an enjoyable and fairly easy to learn one.

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