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Enjoy Pokemon online games with the amazing Pokemon Shooting Gallery game. Play this Pokemon game which is about shooting as many characters as possible in a given time. You have 60 seconds to play each game level. Points would be added for every monster you killed. But you must avoid any missed shot because they'll cost you one single 100-point deduction.

Here you'll play Pokemon online with the creatures that come out on Pokemon Shooting Gallery game, carrying each one its own punctuation. Whenever you feel the need to eliminate them, never hesitate to play this free Pokemon online game. This is an action-filled shooting game that takes you to a point where you need to shoot at all the Pokemon running across the game screen.

Don't allow any of them to escape or they would make you lose points. You've got one minute to play shooting at as many of them as you possibly can. For any Pokemon you shoot, you'll gain a corresponding number of points. But if you play Pokemon and miss them, 100 points will be deducted. It is a right minus wrong game so each move counts. Shoot a Pikachu and get bonus points.

Play Pokemon aiming on the faster ones, it'll give you bigger points as opposed to focusing on the slower moving ones. So if you think you're ready for some hardcore Pokemon shooting game, just click on the Start Button and let the fun begin. In this crazy shooting game you play Pokemon online by choosing to shoot the ones with the higher points. However they move really fast.

Pokemon Shooting Gallery game then becomes a speed game with eye and hand coordination requirements. Remember that you might lose a hundred in your score for any miss you make. You play Pokemon online with only 6 characters, Pokemon Shooting Gallery game includes Pikachu too. Pikachu pops out in all levels of the gallery. You can play and fire at it if you're quick enough.

The 1st stage on Pokemon Shooting Gallery game has a single character worth 100 points and it's easy to play. The 2nd level of this Pokemon online game has 2 characters worth 125 and 200 each. The 3rd step also has 2 but this time with more value, 150 and 250 each. The Pokemons are small and fast moving. Press on the Start button and enjoy Pokemon Shooting Gallery game

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