Pokemon Revolution Game

Your mission here is to play and infiltrate the evil guy's command. Defend the building from them and fight for your life. You have to assume full command of the enemy's post. That's what the Revolution game is all about. In this cool Pokemon game online, a building is being controlled by the intruders. Play a head-shooting game for the terrorist hunter in you.

These creatures do evolve after all. Who would have thought that the very lovable Pikachu and Bulbasaur can turn into a blood-thirsty combatants? Well, if they did evolved that way, they have to be eliminated. Pokemon Revolution game takes place where they had never been, in this shooting game you play Pokemon online inside the well-secured US Embassy in Brazil.

They want to control the whole world and it is up to you to make sure that they won't get it. You've got guns and bombs. All you need now is the will to kill Pokemons in their cute and cuddly ways. Test your shooting skills against Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Ash. Shoot accurately and don't let your game's health points go down. If you can do that then you have stopped the revolution.

Play fighting them by moving your mouse to select a target and clicking on the left button for shooting. Hand speed and reflexes are gonna be a great help. Here you must play Pokemon online as fast as possible. There are lots of targets to fire at. The energy bar is short so you need to eliminate them all before they kill you. When that happens you lose.

Steadiness and strategy are important in Pokemon Revolution. You start your attack from the outside. This free Pokemon online game of shooting gets specially exciting once you get inside, play keeping on firing because bad boys will go after you. When the Pokemon Revolution game begins, shoot quickly. Expect the enemies to fire at you. Don't back off or you'll lose the game .

You are given a pause in each section of building. It'll be a waste of time looking for the enemies because they'll all be in front of you. Play trying to killing them before they killing you. Move the cursor all over the screen and fire. This time, your goal is to be in control of that building. Play the Pokemon Revolution all the times you want, online and for free.

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