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If you love obstacle games, then you are gonna like to play this one. Pokemon Returns is almost similar to the very adventure-rich Super Mario games wherein you have to jump over tunnels and use great logic to finish all levels. Pikachu is the main character of this game. Control him in such a way that you clear the current level you're in to open up the next one.

In the first phase, for example, there are tunnels numbered one to eight. You have to stand over a little bit to the side of the tunnel, jump high then press the Down Key to enter the secret passage that would lead you to the real Pokemon World. Once there, the game officially begins. Pikachu has five lives to start with. The Pokemon Returns game is a timed one.

Pikachu is only given 150 seconds to finish a stage. Expect to have lots of enemies in every level - evade them at all costs. Like in Super Mario World, you can't squish with your feet all the enemies. To be safe, try to stay clear of all of 'em. Also note that instead of question mark blocks, lightning boxes are seen in every stage. Use Pikachu's head to bump at them to reveal what's inside.

To control Pikachu, simply play using the Arrow Keys. Up is for jumping. The Left and Right Arrows are the directional Arrow Keys. They move Pikachu in the respective direction. To make Pikachu go down a tunnel, simply use Down. When you play this Pokemon online game, be sure that you start at the very 1st level.

There are eight worlds to conquer in Pokemon Returns game, as signified by the tunnels in the 1st phase. The first level will help you be familiar with the enemies and the game flow. Try to play this Pokemon online adventure keeping him alive as long as you can so you can get to the end of the stage. Pikachu is going to need a lot of brave acts from you.

Help him get through all the stages and be victorious. Remember that as you go further in the game, the challenges are gonna be harder. It takes more than just Pikachu's luck and power to get through it all. Pikachu will need your help for him to be victorious. This is going to be a long journey. But it is all going to be worth it.

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