Pokemon Rescue Game

This online game is such a big adventure game of Pokemon. The player controls Pikachu and the goal is to get to that Red Pokeball positioned somewhere on the game screen. There are also different things to collect along the way. But your ultimate goal is always to get to that red ball. Pikachu plays jumping and running through the different stages of the Pokemon Rescue game.

Be careful when moving your character so Pikachu won't fall down the cliffs. If he does, the game will be over and you would have to start again. Pikachu is credited five lives at the start of the game. Given that, you're given five tries for playing and completing your mission. Time your jumps well so you can successfully get into the platforms and towards the Red Pokeball.

There are instances where there are other Pokemons showing up. Stay clear of them because they are enemies. They're here to keep you from reaching the Pokeball and to consume your health. The game is composed of 25 exciting levels. Finish each stage without losing a life so you can arrive to the last stage and win. In some stages, the way to reach that ball can be a little tricky.

Added points are credited for the other items that you were able to pick up along the way. If you lose all your lives at any stage, you are allowed to continue playing the game from where you left off. If you are having problems with any stage, there's a walkthrough button that can help you. The enemies Pokemons commonly see in this game are Weezing and Meowth.

Meowth is associated to Ash's arch rival, the Team Rocket. It is but fitting to use a Meowths as one of the antagonists in this game. The Weezings, on the other hand, are mean-looking, gas-like creatures. They are also the most common enemies used in Pokemon games and stories because of their appearance. The trick to this game is to play it with full precision and control.

To move Pikachu, use the Arrow Keys. The Left Key moves him to the left and the Right Arrow will take him to the right. For jumping, the Up Arrow Key is used. Before you try any move, see to it that you have planned your path to the Pokeball real well. Try all that you can to reach your ultimate goal and that is to complete all the 25 levels of this entertaining game.

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