Pokemon Pursuit Of Pairs

Pokemon fans will be in pursuit of the different pairs when playing this exciting Pokemon online game. It is a combination of picture-matching and block-building type of a game. The picture tiles come in blocks and one line of blocks at a time will be added to the game board. Keep on opening up the cards so you can keep the blocks from getting to the top.

During the first stage, you only have two Pokemon characters to work with.There'll be only the pictures of Kabutops and Vaporeon showing up under the cards in play. As such, you've got 50-50 chances of opening up the right pair in a single try. As the game progresses, additional Pokemons are put into the play. The game is composed of eight exciting levels.

By that time, there'll be 9 Pokemons for you to work on. In Stage 2, Feraligator would be added into the mix. Squirtle joins the fun in the following level and yet another Pokemon will be introduced as you go along. That is how the next few stages get extra difficult to play. With more pictures to match, you'll surely need those sharp memory skills of yours.

The timer is shown at the lower corner of the screen. You have to get to your target before the time runs out. The number of pairs you must make is shown right on top of the timer. Once you're able to complete that, the next stage will automatically open up for you. Use the mouse to open up the cards on the board. Every now and then, there are going to be bulbs and bombs showing up.

If you get in a rather messy situation, use them. The bulb shows you what pictures are under card while a bomb can be paired with any card to eliminate it. It is possible for players to continue the game if they have failed a level. If you stopped at Level 3, you'll start at the same level if you decide to play this free game again.

You are also given the chance to submit your score to the server. Pokemon Pursuit Of Pairs is a good online free game for both kids and adults alike. Its complexity level is not that high for it can be played by kids quite easily. As for adults, it would sure be entertaining for them to finish all eight levels of the game in just one sitting.

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