Pokemon Platinum Version

Play a simple matching game with the Pokemon twist. This entertaining game has different stages, with each stage having twenty game cards each. You need to open up those cards one a time to reveal what Pokemon character is under it. You have to open two cards having the same picture in order to keep them facing up on the game board.

Your ultimate goal is to open up all the cards. Play and discover the ten Pokemon pairs that are under the cards. This game is both multi-level game and timed. You must find the pairs within the time allotted to gain entry to the next stage. The game proceeds after completing the previous stages. The number of cards and the number of pairs won't change throughout the game.

The only difference between every stage is the time. As you go farther, the time allotted to complete each stage gets shorter. Find out how farther in this game you can go. Players are given points for every pair of cards you opened and added score if the board is cleared with a lot of time to spare. This is a fast-paced game so it is important that you play it really well and really fast.

The main control of this online game of Pokemon is your mouse. Simply click on the cards facing down on the game board to reveal what picture is behind it. Try to remember that picture because you have to locate the other one exactly like it. The less tries you need to complete the game, the better your performance will be. This game is indeed for players with a sharp memory.

The notable Pokemon characters in play in Pokemon Platinum Version game would be Pikachu, Butterfree, Gliscor, Kabutops, Dragonite, Meowth, and Kingler. They are the Pokemons that you would repeatedly see in the different stages of the game so you better be familiar with them. To play this game real well, note of the timer at the bottom part of the screen.

That will tell you how many more seconds you got for playing the game. If it runs out, then the game is over and you would have to start from Stage 1 again. If you possess a fairly good memory, this game is going to be a very easy one for you. Otherwise, you might want to get some help with another player. After all, two heads are always better than one.

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