Pokemon Patch The Pixels

In this game, the pieces that you have to put in the game board are found on the right side of the game screen. Use the mouse to click and drag them from that place and into the spot on the picture where they are supposed to go. Note that you can only click on one puzzle piece at a time. You need to find where it should go on the game board before you can select another one.

The trick to this game is to discover the places of the bigger puzzle pieces first. That way, it'll be easier for you to find what's missing in the picture and put the smaller chips in. There are three pictures in play in this game. After completing the first one, you may proceed to the two other pictures in queue to complete them all. This is one puzzle game designed for everyone.

Pokemon Patch The Pixels isn't a timed game so that's an advantage for players. They can take their sweet time in finding the solution to the puzzle. Try to examine the picture on the center before you try to drag any of the puzzle pieces at the side. Drag on a piece only if you have a fair idea as to where it should go. Note that the pieces can be misleading.

They'll appear too big on the side just to get a whole lot smaller after dragging it to the picture in the middle. Start this online game trying the easy mode so you'll have a fair idea as to how this particular game is played. After which, you're able to proceed to try the hard mode. Expect that it will be much difficult than the previous mode.

Players will see a lot of Pokemon characters in this game through the puzzle pictures. In the first one, there'll be Ash and Pokemon's flagship character, Pikachu. In the second picture, it'll be Jigglyfuff taking center stage. In the third and last one, two fighting Pokemons are featured, Machamp and Hitmonchan. Persian will be here too. Play this game like a pro.

After all, which gamer hasn't played a good game of jigsaw puzzle yet? Try to complete the puzzle as fast as possible. This free game is for everyone, including the non-Pokemon fans out there. It is a unique Pokemon game, designed to make every player enjoy good minutes with this rather simple game. Share this Pokemon puzzle game with the rest of your friends.

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