Pokemon Matching Game

Here's a game which introduces you to a world of Pokemon while giving your logic skills a good honing. You play trying to clear the board in the shortest time possible. This is an online timed game and the time bar will appear on the top right corner of the screen. Clear the board before the time runs out to win the game. Every pair you take out of the board is worth 10 points.

There are a total of 84 Pokemon tiles in play, meaning there'll be 42 pairs that you must eliminate one by one. Note that you can only take out two tiles that are exactly alike. They have to be connected to each other by a straight line as well. Note that this is one multiple level game so try to finish each board as fast as possible so you'll get higher up the levels.

If you fail one area, you have no choice but to start from scratch again. This game is a showcase of all popular Pokemons. You may find both a Raichu and a Pikachu here, including the much rarer ones. The first level is so simple. Most of the similar Pokemon tiles are near each other. On the next stages, they'll be much farther away, making it a little hard to connect the pairs together.

The Mouse is the main control you need for playing the Pokemon Matching game online. Use it to click two similar Pokemon tiles. If they can be connected by a straight line, then those two tiles will be taken out of your game board. You have to clear the game board in the fastest way possible. The time bar goes down each second in play.

But if you were able to make a good pair, it'll give you extra seconds in the process. At the beginning of this Pokemon game, you need to open up the board by clicking two similar tiles that are near each other. Look for all of them and start clicking. That is how you can create the space needed to draw a straight line between the similar Pokemon tiles that are farther away from each other.

Play the game by finding pairs every few seconds to make the most out of that free time the game gives out. You need a great eye for details in this interesting free game. You have to locate the 2 similar tiles and discover a way to connect them together. Take out the tiles that are near each other first. Work your way from the inside out.

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