Pokemon Matching Balls

Enjoy an original kind of Pokemon puzzle game with the very entertaining Pokemon Matching Balls. Players have to spot three or more Pokemons that are alike and click on them. This is how you take out the balls on the game board. Your goal is to clear the game board of the Pokemons in order to reach the target number of points required for each level. This is one timed game.

The timer is shown by the tail of the sleeping Charmander right below. When its tail is all burned, the round is over. Your score would then be tallied to see if you've reached the target or not. The target number of points is the most important element when you play this online game. You'll be immediately promoted to the next level once you reach that target.

But, aside from the time running out on you, you also have to mind the balls that are regularly added. After every few seconds, a new line of ball will push the existing ball upwards. You have to keep on finding those matches to keep the balls from reaching to top. Once the balls reach a certain height, the game would be over. And that's whether or not there's time for you to play it.

The main control for playing this Pokemon game is the Mouse. Click on any one of the three balls that are adjacent to each other. Doing it would erase the balls in the game. Work fast through the balls. Remember that this game follows a time limit. You need to reach the score required in each level before the timer ends and without the balls reaching the topmost part of the game board.

You can eliminate more than 3 or more balls at a time. However, if you erroneously clicked a ball that can't be removed, your score will be deducted 50 points. If you want to reach the higher levels of this game, you've got to play being extremely careful with your moves. Every point counts. However, if you fail at any level in the game, you always may retry the level again.

As you go up the levels, the game playing becomes more difficult. A new Pokemon character will be introduced in all the new stages. This makes creating matches a lot more difficult. Players need a good eye for details to win this memory game. They should also find the perfect matches in the game, the one that would lead to additional matches as the balls fall down.

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