Pokemon Match Game

This is a memory game that is played using a total of 42 cards. Open them up one at a time to reveal the picture inside. Remember what picture that is because you have to find its corresponding match on the game board. This is a timed game. The faster you clear the set, the better your score will be. To play the game, simply use the Mouse. Click on the card that you would like to open.

Remember that you're able to only open two cards simultaneously. If you attempt to open the third one, the previous cards you opened up will face down again. The least number of tries you need to clear the board, the better your performance would be. Expect to see a lot of Pokemon characters in this game. That fact alone would make this game very exciting for all Pokemon fans.

These are some of the cool characters in play: Electrode, Wobbuffet, Pikachu, Flareon, Froslass, Kingler, Wartotle, Totodile, Eeveelutions, Oddish, Celebi, Cyndaquil, Seel, Magikarp, Psyduck, Bellosum, Mudkip, Marill, Lugia, Charmander, and Shaymin, among others. As you may see, you've got more than enough Pokemon in this online game to complete your Pokedex.

Find the matches as fast as you can for a high score. Try to beat your previous score by playing again. You may set a race with another player to see which one of you can break the 2-minute mark. You may also use the scoring to find out which the winner is. For every correct pair you open up, you'll be credited 100 points. But for opening a wrong pair, you will be deducted five points.

Do your best to remember what Pokemon is behind each of the cards. You can also read their name at the top part of the card so you won't just have the pictures to remind you. You might surely utilize their name for recall as well. Even smaller kids would be able to enjoy this free Pokemon game. Play it with the kids whenever you want and see which one of you has better memory.

Pokemon Match game won't require action skills or anything complicated. Here, you simply have to click on the cards and remember the pictures behind it. That should be enough for you to win the game. This is one very simple game yet it can entertain kids for hours. You'll find it enjoyable too if played against another person. Have fun!

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