Pokemon Magic Eggs Game

Play the Magic Eggs, which is as exciting as any Pokemon game online in this site. The character, could be the most popular and well-loved Pokemon, Pikachu. The game is dedicated to all kids who love Pikachu. You can play Pokemon online with this fun game with easy controls. Move the mouse over the game area and click the left button to launch the ball.

You're going to need quick hand and eye to win. Pikachu and the magic eggs, what a perfect combination! Everybody knows that Pokemon are stored in Pokeballs. Now, Pikachu won't be staying inside one. Instead, it'll be playing with them. Not with Pokeballs though but with real magic eggs with cute little chicks inside. Use Pikachu's Pokeball to hit the eggs and make the chicks come out

Here, you play by catching those chicks when they fall to acquire points. But be sure that you don't miss out on the Pokeball either. You do not want it to hit the ground because that would cause you a game life. Pikachu has just 3 Pokeballs to spare. If you lose them all then the online Pokemon game is over. Enjoy Pikachu in this very exiting reflexes-based game.

Be strategic and calculating as you try to hit these magic eggs with the Pokeball basing only on the rules of momentum and bounce. Clear a given level and get ready for the next! To play and win Pokemon Magic Eggs game online, your hands and eyes must be in coordination. The fun of playing the game begins when the eggs are hit by the ball being tossed by Pikachu.

When it is hit, it hatches and an egg turns into a chick. Kids will definitely like to play it seeing these chicks coming out of those eggs. In the online Pokemon Magic Eggs game you have to end hitting all them to continue onto the next stage. As the level goes up, eggs multiply in number. In this Pokemon game you should finish cracking 'em all up using ball.

Also, play Pokemon online avoiding losing one life. You are given three lives for the entire duration of the Pokemon online game. If you fail to catch it after it had bounced off the egg, you lose a life. The game might be played by kids and their friends. With a good strategy, you may finish it easily.

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