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Have you ever played a Super Mario game before? The Super Mario World is one of the most popular games ever released. In this kind of games, the Italian plumber Mario goes through numerous worlds filled with enemies and obstacles to save the princess. The adventures in this game are what make it extremely popular among the gaming public of all ages.

The unusual Pokemon Land GB is a game which follows the same Super Mario game playing. But instead of Mario, it'll be Ash, the ultimate Pokemon Trainer, who is going to be the game's main protagonist. There'll be lots of obstacles and enemies in this free game of Pokemon too. Battle it out against them and race to the flag. Along with all of that, many Pokeballs will be in play also.

This time you'll play Pokemon using Pokeballs instead of the question mark blocks that you always see in most games of the Super Mario Bros. And in it are a lot of goodies that Ash can use along the way. There are lots of coins to collect too. Enjoy the vintage styled Pokemon Land GB and don't forget to gather all the gold as Ash needs one hundred of them to gain an extra life.

To kill enemies, stomp at them. But you've got to do so with perfect timing. You don't want to touch the enemies as that will cost you a life. Remember, Ash is only given 3 lives to start with. This is a timed game of Pokemon. You are given 400 seconds to arrive to the finish line. Just keep on walking forward. Eventually, you will get to the flag and that signifies the end of the level.

But take note that before you play and end a given level, you'll encounter a lot of odds. Enemies would try to block your way. You have to jump over steep hills and such. If you fall into a cliff, the game will be over and you've got to start that level over again. The Pokemon Land is one cool multilevel game. So space your life well. Try to gain extra lives along the way.

You are going to need all the help you can get because this Pokemon game is gonna be a very long one. If you think killing a certain enemy is difficult, evade it instead. You can practically play doing anything you want to reach the finish line. Formulate your own strategy. What really is expected of you is to be extremely careful with every step. There would be nobody to help Ash but you.

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