Pokemon Jigsaw Game 1 - Play Free

If you love puzzles, you'll definitely like to play Pokemon with this amazing one. Pokemon Jigsaw game 1 is a fun-filled game of putting the correct puzzle pieces together. Sounds easy? You have to play the game to see that for yourself. Here, you should be a player with lots of patience and a sharp eye for details. Otherwise, you won't be able to complete the 49-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Pokemon Jigsaw game 1 takes your puzzle solving skills to a new level. Here, you play Pokemon online timing yourself as you try to finish the puzzle in the shortest time. Play using your spatial skills while you find where the right piece goes and interlock it with another. What's good about this free Pokemon game is that you don't need to rotate the puzzle pieces they're always in position.

Play Pokemon online and discover where in the game board they belong to. And to help you with that, be sure that you click on that view image icon on the game screen. That gives you a hint as to what picture you're trying to recreate. Play by mixing and matching the pieces together if you're getting confused as to which goes where.

But even so, you'll get twice the fun and lots of excitement in playing this entertaining free Pokemon game - all because you've got the very lovable Pokemon on the game board! To play Pokemon Jigsaw game 1, you only have to utilize the Mouse. Play Pokemon online by clicking on the desired piece scattered on board and attach it on another.

When the two pieces fit, they would become connected to each other, move as one, and can be dragged anywhere on this free Pokemon game board. They can't be rotated so you know that every piece is in upright position. There's a timer to play Pokemon with on the upper left corner of the Pokemon Jigsaw game 1 screen.

It measures the time that has lapsed since you started to put the pieces in their exact places. It's perfect if you play Pokemon online with somebody. Play racing against the clock and determine which of you is better in solving puzzles. If you want to view the image you're building, just click the View Image link on the same line of Pokemon Jigsaw game 1 and obtain a little help!

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