Pokemon Go Home Game

In this flash game, there'll be as many Pikachu as you can ever find than anywhere else. Here, your goal would be to take all the Pikachus that are loitering around back inside their room. You see, they really have to go home. However, all they want to do is to play. Make every single one of these impish characters enter the door so they won't bother the others anymore.

Pokemon Go Home game is a multiple level game and in the first stage, you just have three Pikachus to handle. You are given 30 seconds to lead them to the door. If you can't complete your goal within the time allotted, the game will be over. You may simply restart the stage if you want. To control Pikachu, use the Mouse. Click the Left Button on the Pikachu you'd like to lead it home.

You'll notice that it'll change its moving direction with each click. The idea is to play clicking at the right spot and the right time so they'll end up at the door. Do this for all these Pikachus that you'll find. In the following few stages of the game, the number of Pikachu to handle would be increased. If you love Pikachus, you are sure going to love this game.

The second stage has 6 Pikachus and you're given 40 seconds to clear them out. In Stage 3, nine Pikachu are in play. You're given 50 seconds to finish that stage. The next areas are gonna be much tougher. The number of Pikachu will be increased by one but the allotted time for every stage stays at 50 seconds. The next few stages will then become a battle of the finest.

See how far you'll advance when play this online game of Pokemons. Pikachu is the only Pokemon character featured in the game. Consequently, Pikachu is also the most popular one of all. He is also that yellow bird with black accents and a zigzag tail. Pikachu is Ash's best Pokemon and he's his best friend too. Pikachu evolves from a Pichu to become a much fiercer Raichu later on.

In this game, they are just Pikachu. Ash won't be around so you are going to be one tasked to keep them safe. Pikachus are very lovable Pokemon characters. And they can really be playful. That's the reason why you have to possess a lot of patience in this game. Needless to say, this game is simply for Pikachu lovers. Play only if you can handle their mischievousness!

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