Pokemon Flash Version Game

With this free game of Pokemon, you get the chance to be like Ash and become an ultimate Pokemon Master. Move through the different towns, places, and areas of the game until you find Pokemons to train. The ultimate goal in Pokemon Flash Version game is to defeat and capture one rare Pokemon, the one named Absol, which is living beneath the dark Forest of Baseek Land.

However, you might only get there after play and win many battles to give your Pokemon a lot of training opportunities along the way. The story begins in your home land. You're given one Pokemon to start with and it'll be the fighting type Lucario. You have to catch other Pokemons to help him in the battles. If and when all of your Pokemons go down, the game will be over.

So be sure to choose the battles well. Don't fight one that you have low chances of winning. Use the Arrow Keys to move your character around. The Left, Right, Up, and Down Arrow Keys are in play. If you want to initiate an action at any point in the game, like talk to somebody perhaps, simply press the Space Bar. If you are faced with choices, you may use the Mouse to select.

Get inside the houses and you might discover something useful in there. Talk to those people around to learn something important. There are also sub-games in this version, like the Pokemon Hop Game where you are supposed to jump over the green lines and give your Pokemon a good exercise. Walk through the grasses and you could find a wild Pokemon that you can add to the party.

The first wild Pokemon Lucario will encounter is a Cleffa. It'll be a level 14 Pokemon, stronger than Lucario which is only at Level 5. Make it a habit to check the level of the Pokemon that is challenging you to a battle. If they are strong enough, they can take down your Pokemon in one move. When that happens, the game is over. There's a clinic and a doctor who can heal the hurt Pokemons.

Look for him after every battle to restore the health of your Pokemon. There'll be computers scattered around the game areas. You may use them to check on the status of your Pokemons. Go ahead and play this game and good luck. You surely have a long way to go. Find the easiest and the fastest route to the Forest of Baseek Land so you can finish the game in the shortest time required.

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