Pokemon Find The Alphabets

Pokemon games are not just games they can be very educational too. Such is the case of this online Pokemon game called Find the Alphabets wherein players are required to discover all the letters hidden in the picture. Click all 26 letters in order to proceed to the next stage. This is not a timed game although there's a timer positioned at the right side of the screen.

This game will mere note of the time you needed to finish the level. The faster you can complete your goal, the better your score is going to be. For every letter that you find, you'll be credited 100 points. However, wrong clicks are deducted 50 points. Be sure to look at the picture in front of you real well. You must be sure that the thing that you are clicking is one of the letters of the alphabet.

Otherwise, you will be losing more points than you earn. Use the Mouse to play this game. Simply click at the spot in the game board where you find the letters. If you click right, the letter you found would disappear in the alphabet list below. You've got to play and locate all 26 letters in each level to be declared the winner. While this seems to be a simple game, it really isn't.

It would be almost impossible to find all letters in only a few minutes, especially the easy-to-hide ones like O, I, X, and V. But once you cleared all of those, the rest should be a lot easier to find. In the first area of Pokemon Find The Alphabets, Misty is at the center of picture. Misty is a very popular Pokemon Trainer who is one of Ash's best friends.

Misty is such a great trainer that she is hailed as the leader of the Cerulean City Gym. Her specialty are water Pokemons but in the picture, she's accompanied by different types and kinds of Pokemon and not just the water types. Of course Pikachu is in there, along with the flying Pokemon types like Spearow and Lugia.

Dragonair is there too, along with Sanshrew, and Flareon. They all complete the picture where all these letters in the alphabet are supposed to be hidden. Don't be misled by the cute pocket monsters that you see. You must stick to your mission and that is to play finding as many alphabets as you possibly can in the least time required.

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