Pokemon Diamond Champions

Challenge yourself to an intense jigsaw puzzle game and see how far you will be able to finish each stage. Here is an exciting puzzle game that starts with the easy round. You can skip through the different levels of this Pokemon online game but you are strongly advised to go up the complexity ladder one at a time. This will familiarize you with the picture that you'll solve.

You'll play only using one picture in every level. As such, if you're able to complete the Easy Mode that consists of 16 puzzle pieces, you'll find the Medium Mode fairly easy. Medium Mode consists of 36 pieces and it'll be a timed game area as well, unlike the Easy Mode which isn't. The Hard Mode is composed of 64 puzzle pieces.

The Expert Mode is going to be a difficult 100-piece jigsaw puzzle game. Try to complete the game in the least time required. Beat your previous record every time you play. To move the puzzle pieces around, simply use the Mouse. Click and drag the puzzle piece to any part of the game board. Once you connect the two interlocking pieces together, they'll mesh permanently.

There's no need to rotate the puzzle pieces as all of 'em are in the upright position. The trick to Pokemon Diamond Champions is to start with one corner and then work your way around the sides. It would be much easier for you to know which tiles goes at the sides because one of their sides is cut straight up. Check the tile's orientation and know which side they should go.

The Pokemon featured in this puzzle game is Lucario. He is a blue Pokemon that looks like a jackal. This Pokemon is not that common and possesses special energies related to aura. He also has the ability to talk to humans through telepathy. Lucario is one of the most elusive fighting Pokemons in the Pokeworld. And being such, they can be very loyal to the one who trained them.

They also possess a great sense for what is right and just. Get to know more about Lucario as you play this free game. Lucario evolves from a Riolu and it is one rare fighting Pokemon indeed. Try to solve this jigsaw puzzle with his picture on it in the fastest time possible. Enjoy the game with other players and beat each other's score.

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