Pokemon Death Diglett Game

Play a cool game of Pokemon's Digglett, which is one of the many Pokemon characters. Diglett is an earth Pokemon which is very huge in size. It is yellow in color like the well-loved Pikachu. It lives under the ground and it can make a tunnel to move around. The object of the game is to eliminate it at all cost. Play Pokemon online shooting at Diglett to put him to death.

If you're familiar with Pokemon online games, then you should know that one of the most persistent and the toughest character on these online games is Diglett. He always comes out whenever you walk on the cave's dark alleys. And they even come out in groups at times. With that being the case, a lot of players actually become irritated with this creature.

If you're one of those who would like to get rid of all of the Digletts in the Pokemon world, don't hesitate about playing the game. You'll see how easily you can eliminate a Diglett right in this online game - complete with all those bombs and high caliber guns that you will need, of course. Play and replay the game whenever you feel like taking cold revenge on all the Digletts in the land.

This time around, you are going to get victorious. Only in Pokemon Death Diglett game you would be sure that every single Diglett in the world is eliminated effectively. On this Pokemon online game you only have to control the mouse to do it...play and enjoy just by moving your mouse to aim at Diglett and click on the left button to fire.

The weapon that you'll play with is a rocket launcher, an all-precision machine so you are able to kill Diglett on a single shot. It has a cross hair aim so you can't possibly miss. Play this entertaining online game by seeking your target, locking it, and firing. After doing that, the missile would float over the air and will directly hit it.

Play Pokemon Death Diglett game that can actually be like a movie scene. This free Pokemon game has the option of controlling it or you just let it play on. You might Play Pokemon online repeating the scenes all over again by simply clicking on the repeat menu. If you like it that much, then this game of Pokemon is definitely for you!

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