Pokemon Connect It Game

This is a great free game for young Pokemon fans. There'll be lots of Pokemon characters to see and discover in this online game. The Pokemon Connect It game is fairly simple to play you just have to click on two like Pokemon tiles. Use the mouse to click and eliminate the tiles from the game board. But play it really fast as it is a game with a time limit.

If you clear the board within the time prescribed, you level up and open the next stage. If not, the game will be over. Find 2 tiles with the same picture of Pokemon inside it. You can only erase 2 tiles at a time. The tiles get eliminate if you are ale to draw a straight line between the two of them. To make game easier, take out two similar picture tiles that are adjacent to each other.

That would open up the board and make eliminating the rest tiles, especially the ones that are farther away from each other rather possible. What makes this game exciting is the fact that there are many Pokemons included. Kids will enjoy it as they'll encounter different types of pocket monster in all the game levels. Discover the many Pokemons in play and get to pick your favorite.

This is one multiple level game and each level is allotted a minute and thirty seconds. The types of Pokemons you'll see are wide and varied. And Pikachu will be there too. Pikachu is that yellow bird with a zigzag tail. You'll surely enjoy naming all these Pokemon found in the picture tiles. Find out which one of them is Bulbasaur, Charmander, Weedle, Butterfree, and Starmee.

Then research on the Pokemons that you know very little about. This collection of Pokemons in this online game is proudly big. You won't just find Pikachu but a lot of Pokemon characters you are not familiar with. However, the goal of the game remains the same. You have to play and clear the board of all those Pokemon tiles.

And you've got to do it before your 1 minute and 30 seconds is up. Every 2 Pokemon tiles you eliminate is worth 20 points. Pile up on those points for a high score. If you're really good in this game, you would be able to finish all of its levels in a single sitting. Even kids can play this one for it is rather straightforward. The game play is very simple yet it can entertain you for hours.

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