Pokemon Colors Game

Take a break from all your Pokemon adventures you have played today and just relax your fingers while playing the entertaining Pokemon Colors game. Make the picture come alive with the use of the bright and vivid colors on the left side of the screen. Pick which color is perfect for every shape and line shown in the picture. Use the mouse to choose the color that you want to use

When you click on the canvass, the last shade you picked will be the color of your brush. If you want to play changing the color of any spot you already painted on, simply click on that spot again - but this time with the color that you prefer. There are three persons in the picture and these are Brock, Ash, and Misty. The Pokemon between them is Pikachu.

Ash, who is the boy at the middle, is the main human character of the Pokemon series. He's a master Pokemon trainer who doesn't just train Pokemons and get them ready for a battle, they also become friends in the process. He looks young in the picture 'cause he is young. He is only 10 years old when he had his first encounter with Pokemons. And since that day, he never looked back.

That is how he was able to become the greatest Pokemon trainer of all time. Pikachu, the yellow Pokemon beside him, is his best Pokemon. Pikachu looks like a bird with yellow fur. Pikachu's power is related to electricity. In battle, it discharges high-power electrical volts in order to paralyze the enemy. Pikachu evolves from a Pichu and then levels up to become a Raichu.

The other boy is Brock. He's actually the leader of the gym in Pewter City. Before anybody can become a Pokemon master, he has to go up against the leaders of the many gyms in the Pokeworld. That's how Ash met Brock. Ash went up against Brock during his early days. It is Brock who gave Ash the Boulder Badge after he defeated him. And since then, they became the best of friends.

Brock's specialty is rock-type Pokemons. The girl is Misty. Misty is also a Pokemon master. As a matter of fact, she is a gym leader too. She leads the gym in Cerulean City and is the keeper of the Cascade Badge. She is an expert trainer of water-type Pokemons. Ash met Misty during his journey to become a Pokemon master. And like Brock, they became the best of friends along the way.

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