Pokemon Charmander Game

Enjoy an exciting game of wits, logic, and critical thinking. In this game, only two characters are in play Pikachu and Charmander. Players get to control Pikachu and the goal is to get right where Charmander stands. Sounds easy? Play this Pokemon online game and find out if things are really as simple as that. Charmander will be placed in one designated part in the game screen.

Pikachu must get to him in any way that it can. But, there's only one solution to the puzzles. Players are challenged to discover the key to the riddle in the least tries as possible. There'll be items found in every level and Pikachu is allowed to use them in any way possible. The role of those items is very crucial in n the game. After all, they won't be placed there if they are not really useful.

Note that Pikachu has limited abilities. Quite obviously, he can't jump. He can only move forward or backward. If he happens to fall down the pit, you wouldn't be able to do anything else than restart the game. Players are given 3 lives or 3 tries to solve every level. Move Pikachu by using the Arrow Keys. You can use the Left and Right Arrows to move him to the where you want it to.

The Up and Down Keys can only be used to lead Pikachu up or down the stairs. If you want to restart the game, press the Space Bar. Pikachu is the yellow bird you get to control in Pokemon Charmander game. Pikachu also serves as the official mascot of the Pokemon series, the reason why everybody knows him. Pikachu is both a bird type and an electric type of Pokemon.

Being such, he's able to fly and set out electrical discharges to ward off enemies. But although it is dangerous when in battle, Pikachu remains to be the cutest and the most lovable character in the Pokeworld. Charmander, on the other hand, is a dragon-type, fire-type Pokemon. If Pikachu looks like a bird, Charmander resembles a lizard. His claws are strong and sharp.

Charmander can set an enemy into fire during battles. Pikachu and Charmander are best friends and that's because they belong to the same trainer, Pokemon master Ash Ketchum. They always stand side-by-side in battles and complement's their weaknesses with each other's strengths. In this game, they are helping one another again, proving that they have indeed, come a long way.

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