Pokemon Challenge Game

The object of the game is to recognize all those characters that appear before you. This time-limited Pokemon online game is perfect for all fans. They would love to play Pokemon online with this one - especially kids who like to memorize the names and appearance of characters. How well do you know these creatures? Well, the game will surely test your naming skill.

If you can identify all these Pokemon including the not-so popular ones, then you have a fighting chance in winning this Pokemon game online. It isn't going to be easy for non fans. So unless you're a true-blue follower, don't attempt to play Pokemon Challenge game at home! But if there's no stopping you from enjoying all the fun, dare yourself into this exciting naming challenge.

Each of the 3 levels of the game would put you on a Pokemon naming spree. You must match the name to its picture in 5 or less seconds. As you play Pokemon online and go up each level, you get shorter time for the guess work. But once you name all 24 ones you obtain a printable certificate, a proof that you're really a Pokemon gaming fan! There is only one way to ace the game...

You have to play by reading all about them and familiarize with how they look. Accomplish that and you'll be a runaway winner any time. The game is a matter of memory, comprehension and skills, challenge you to the max. Just play by clicking on the right answer to a multiple choice question. Pokemon Challenge game comes with amazing levels.

On the first level of the game, you receive 6 seconds to identify the character. Answer at least 3 questions correctly to advance to the next stage. Here, 4 seconds are given to you to come up with an answer and you should identify 3. On third stage, you receive 2 seconds to guess the name and more than 10 options to choose from!

There are about 251 characters. Each of them has different appearance, look, shape, ability, and form. In this free Pokemon online game, you need to play by identifying all them, from the most popular ones down to the unknown ones. To play and win this entertaining game, you simply have to recognize every single one of them.

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