Pokemon Breakdown Blast Game

The object of playing Pokemon Breakdown Blast is to break all same-colored tiles or bricks in the allotted time. This Pokemon game follows the rules of a regular brick game. And the strategies are relatively identical but here, you will enjoy a Pokemon online game with a twist. When you think about a game of tiles, what comes first to your mind?

Maybe Tetris or Mahjong - but this one's gonna be a different story. Pokemon Breakdown Blast game is a tile matching game. It's a simple Pokemon online game as it is but it definitely imposes a huge challenge to its players, to clear the board of the tiles and achieve the highest possible score in each level. This is pretty straightforward but you've got use some strategy when playing it.

If you want to ace every level, try to leave one color of tile for you to clear on the later part of the Pokemon game. Eliminate all other tiles bearing different colors. Click all of them except for the color that has the most number of tiles on the screen. The more tiles of identical color bunched in together, the higher score you acquire when you click on them.

Play Pokemon online where levels 1 to 5 are called the Steady and Slow ones. Levels from 6 to 10 would be the Sink and Swim. And 11 to 15 are Heat levels. During the first stages of Pokemon Breakdown Blast game, gathering points is easy. On the next ones, it becomes a little harder to play and get to the finish line.

On a heat level the bricks are a lot smaller and they appear to be burning so it gets tricky to recognize its color. In this one, strategy is the name of the game. Play Pokemon online using the mouse to point on the desired brick. Click the left button to break them. On this free game online, you must play Pokemon by breaking any brick of a given color to win.

Try to look at all possible ways to create bricks of a equal color. Now you are able to play a cool Pokemon game with your children, and even their friends. Make a Pokemon online game like this a source of fun and entertainment for your household for better bonding and relationship.

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