Pokemon Bond The Buddies

This entertaining online game is a simple, Pokemon matching game. But instead of just clicking on the two like Pokemons on the game screen, you are required to draw a line to connect both of them. If you can't make a line between the two Pokemons, they won't be erased from the screen. Although simple, the game can pose a big challenge to players.

At the start of the game, there'll be only one line of Pokemons on the game screen. There is one bar at the lower part and when that fills up, another line of Pokemon will appear. You have to play by eliminating as many Pokemon as you possibly can. This is also a timed game of Pokemon. Check your timer at the right side of the screen.

Below it, there's a piggy bank fills up its color every time you gain points. Fill up that piggy bank before the timer runs out. You only have 1 minute and 30 seconds to do it. If you successfully fill it up, you'll level up. You'll then be free to access the next stage. To play the game, simply use the Mouse. Draw a line by holding the left mouse button.

Do that from the first character and drag it to the second one. Note that you need to make a continuous line in order to make a match. It is also possible to line up more than two Pokemon characters. This is a 5-level game. Your goal is to play it and reach the minimum score within the time allotted, keeping the Pokemons from reaching the topmost part of the game board.

If any of these scenarios happen, the game will be over. Pokemon Bond the Buddies can be an exciting game for all Pokemon fans. A lot of different Pokemon characters appear in the game, and they are led of course, by that familiar yellow bird everybody loves - Pikachu. The other Pokemon in play are Bulbasaur, Charmander, Jiggly Puff, Squirtle, and a whole range of others.

Work your way from the lowermost level all the way to the top. If you possess a good eye for pairs, this Pokemon online game is surely going to be a very easy one for you. The faster you level up, the better your score will be. Keep on piling up your game score and upload it on the game server. The Bond of Buddies is one fairly simple free game that everybody can play.

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