Pokemon Blood Bath Game

In this one, Pokemons are floating over the air like birds. Play Pokemon while killing them by shooting at them. Click on the left mouse for shooting. In this Pokemon online game, just play moving the mouse to place it over the targets. While you think the Pokemon Blood Bath game is easy, you must keep away from their counter attack. They carry a bomb that could cost you a life.

If you're a shooting fan and you like to add a touch of a Pokemon game to it, here's a game that's especially made for you. It'll surely excite you to your bones. Its a rather simple Pokemon game online for shooting at all the Pokemons coming into view. Armed with a good gun, you better aim your shots well. There's a cross hair on the screen to serve as your guide.

That, however, won't keep you from getting hit yourself. Play Pokemon online for free keeping in mind that you're fighting against powerful creatures and they have superpowers to match your intense shooting skills. You don't want to walk though the fire or catch some of the fire balls that the Pokemon are directing onto you. If you do it you'll be dead yourself and this online game is over

The trick is to play and never give those Pokemon any chance to drop their bombs. Because when that happens, the game field becomes really red and ugly. You are on a time limit Pokemon online game to kill them and pass to the next level. If you were hit by the bomb, go back and play once more. The trick in Pokemon Blood Bath game is shooting and then hide on corners.

That way, you play it and won't get hit by bombs. They look like eggs. And it explodes both on air and at the ground. Let the bomb explode before going out and start shooting again. Play an interesting shooting game plenty of many characters flying. Do not be confused as to which one to shoot. You can take down all them, including the birds.

You have to play being alert about the eggs and position yourself to avoid 'em whenever they appear. In this shooting game, you would need to play with speed, strategy, and patience. Make sure that your hands are relaxed before starts for a better performance.

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