Pokemon Bike Game

Pikachu and Ash are in for a bike ride. However, their bike can be a little hard to control. You are then tasked to make sure that they get to where they want to go safe and sound. Do that by controlling Ash's bike in such a way it moves forward without crashing. The tracks are not gonna be easy either. You have to jump cliffs and catch all the Pokeballs as you drive along.

But as long as they are not bothering you, they should be the least of your concerns. To control Ash's bike, press the Arrows. The Up Arrow Key will move his bike forward while the Down Arrow Key is for driving back. The Left and Right Keys are used to balance Ash's bike. The trick to this free game is to hold the Up Arrow Key and the Left Arrow Key at the same time as you play.

You'll get a better performance from Ash and his bike that way. Pokemon Bike game is composed of 7 exciting but grueling levels. Ash has to reach the finish line in one piece in order to open up the next stages. You need to learn when to speed up and when to slow down. Ash can practically do anything he just can't fall from the bike. There are going to be several Pokemons.

A somersault on the driver's seat is not going to help either. If those happen, the game is over and you have to play again. Two of the most prominent Pokemon characters are depicted here, Ash Ketchum and his best Pokemon, Pikachu. Actually, Ash comes by different names in the Pokemon game and anime series, yet everybody knows that he is the main protagonist of the entire series.

He's the master trainer and owns a lot of these cute pocket monsters, aside from his best friend Pikachu. Ash's humble beginnings were shown in online Pokemon games. He started as a young trainer from a little region in Japan. He worked hard for many years training his Pokemons until he was able to become one of the League Champions. It pertains to the elite group of Pokemon trainers.

Only the best and the finest Pokemon masters are given the chance to be a part of the group. But, the path Ash used to reach the League Champions status isn't an easy one. He has gone through lots of battles. After years of hard work, he was able to strike not just a master-trainee relationship with his Pokemon but a closer one. And that proved to be the secret behind his success.

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