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Help Pickachu ride his bike and be very good at it. The main goal of Pokemon Bike Adventure is to play it and arrive to the end of the race without turning over or crashing. In this free game of Pokemon, there is only one way to go and that's forward. Hop on the bike and step on the gas. Race to the finish line like it is the only thing important to you. Added points are given for nice stunts.

Press the Up Arrow Key to accelerate the bike. If you would like to drive on reverse, press the Down Arrow. If you think that the bike is tumbling over, use the Left or Right Key to regain your balance. Keep in mind that you have to get to the finish line in one piece. Playing and crashing the bike or tumbling over means you must start all over again.

In certain parts of the Pokemon Bike Adventure, you would need speed. In others, you need to be careful. Weigh your obstacles and decide correctly what to do. Sometimes, the road isn't what you expect it to be. You will see a lot of ramps and obstacles all around. Here you should play this Pokemon game being a wise driver and get past all of those without getting hurt.

Your speed is monitored on the lower part of the screen. This isn't a timed game. So take your sweet time and drive effectively as you along. Remember that you have to get to the end of the race with the bike and Pikachu intact. If now, you'll fail the level. The game's engaging sound and captivating background makes it a really good play. Relatively speaking, the game isn't that hard.

Playing the Pokemon Bike is like any other driving game. If you possess the right skills, getting to your goal is quite easy. You can drive at the maximum speed of 130 km/hr and never look back. Or you can run at 10 km/hr and still arrive to the ending line. However you want to do it, this is your game. Do what it takes to reach the finish line. This is an amazing multilevel game.

Once you finish the current stage, the next one will open up for you. Expect the next few stages to be more difficult than the previous one. The ramps are steeper and farther apart. You need to have extra caution and a lot of guts. As you go along, things are going to be more dangerous for you and Pikachu. But along with it, the fun level of the game increases.

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