Pikachu Must Die Game

This crazy game is for all of those fans who are tired of seeing Pikachu on the heroic Pokemon role. Play this one by killing any Pikachu within the allotted time. Here is a cool Pokemon online game of speed and steadiness. You play by killing as many floating Pikachu as possible. Yes, there are many of these Pokemon floating over the air in this free browser based game.

You will play Pokemon by shooting as much as you can. You need to be quick because it's a race against time. Kill Pikachu fast or you would end up losing. The controls to play Pikachu Must Die game are easy. Move the mouse and then click the left button to fire. Never look on anywhere else as the Pokemon game online starts. The moment you click on the start button, the timer ticks.

There's nothing complex about this one at all. Pikachu Must Die is one game of mouse point and click that can make you glued to your seat. It's the perfect entertainment for everyone regardless of age and preferences. Kids will surely play and enjoy it very much, whether they're Pokemon fans or not. It's very hard to achieve a perfect score at the game though.

There will be Pikachus that would get out of your grasp but that's fine. What you have to concentrate on is how you're able to click on as many of them as possible. You'll find hundreds of them coming up the screen so you better get your stance ready. Play Pokemon online by trying to beat your best score as Pikachu Must Die game entertains you like mad.

It's easy to start and play this Pokemon online game over and over. Clicking your mouse is where you should be good at and you'd be the best Pikachu hunter in all of Pokemon land. After playing this shooting game, you'll be a Pikachu and a Pokemon lover for sure! You might be a trigger-happy online gamer in order to go on to the next level.

Enjoy the unusual Pokemon game for free and don't let any of these little monsters escape you. They'll be floating in a line of four. At first, you may play Pokemon online easily but when you keep on replaying the game a couple of times, that's when you want to finish it more. Have fun clicking at it!

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