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The object of the Pikachu Dressup game 1 is to simply dressup this very lovable pet in any way you want it. Play Pokemon with this charming dress up game with lots of things that you may choose from. You could even change its body from the usual yellow hue to blue, black, and green, or any other color that you like. Also, you're able to match the color of your character with its gears.

Pikachu is the popular and most well-liked Pokemon characters of all time. So if you play Pokemon online by trying elsewhere some other free Pokemon game, which is similar to Pikachu Dressup game 1, do not be surprised. These games are created by Pokemon and Pikachu fanatics. How else could they dream of dressing up a Pokemon like Pikachu if that weren't the case?

So anytime that you feel like putting a lock of hair over Pikachu's ears or making it wear boxer shorts over its bare hide, come and play this free Pokemon game. You've received tons of exciting possibilities to play Pokemon here. Try to put on a Pikachu shirt and make him wear glasses. There are eyes of all types to go along with it. You are able to dress up Pikachu as a mermaid too!

Surely, it isn't keeping you from playing and enjoying Pikachu in a new light. If you get tired of Pikachu's yellow body, you might experiment using green, black, or pink colors. And you've got ten other shades in the palette to play Pokemon with...so don't be afraid to experiment a little! In Pikachu Dressup game 1 is possible to select everything - even the pair of eyes it would have to use.

Play Pokemon online while having the power to create one lovely, cute, adorable character...or you can turn it into a fierce monster! Play Pikachu Dressup game 1 up your imagination and Pikachu is your willing subject...it's possible to make it a mermaid if you wish! There is a funny collection of hairs to play with as well. Help it wear a red spike hairdo or a flat brown hairstyle.

Enjoy Pikachu making it your doll and have fun while doing so. Play Pokemon online in Pikachu Dressup game 1 that's perfect for kids who like free Pokemon games and love Pikachu. Mix and match dresses, gears, body parts, accessories. Use Mouse to drag items and put them on place. Pikachu will never look like this again. Play Pikachu Dressup game 1 online as much as you desire.

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