Pikachu Ball Game

Play this game which is a great one for kids and adults who love Pikachu. This free Pokemon game is similar to the classic game Zuma. To win it, you must have play Pokemon online with steady hands. Pikachu stands in the middle of the Pikachu Ball game area holding a Pokemon ball. Your job is to toss that ball and aiming at the other ones appearing around you.

Play by tossing the ball by clicking the left mouse button. Here, Pikachu is playing with balls and he wants you to join him. There are going to be lots of balls of different colors swirling around and your mission is to play being sure that they won't reach the end spot. Throw Pikachu's ball to the group of balls with the same color on the screen to eliminate them.

Just a small tip, make sure that you click on the round spots if you intend to release the ball. Pikachu's ball won't go anywhere if you don't. The balls move around, adding one to the vacant slot every second. When all those spaces are completed, this Pokemon game is over. You've got to hit the right cluster of balls to take them away. Pikachu could then continue playing online with you.

This one is truly an engaging one for both kids and adults. Play it regularly and watch your anxiety and worries going away. Suit yourself up for the challenge. This Pokemon online game surely has something big in store for you. The balls are color coded. You have to play this Pokemon game by tossing that ball Pikachu is holding to a ball or group of them of identical color.

Hit a group of 2 or more of the same color and they will disappear. In the game you play and clear the entire zone of balls to get to the following one. When all the spaces were filled up, the free Pokemon game is over. Play and expect the next level to be a lot faster and much harder. And that is what makes Pikachu Ball game very exciting.

This is an addicting Pokemon game online that's easy to learn. The controls are on the mouse. No need to use any key on the computer keyboard. Your eyes should be as fast as your reflexes. And you should play Pokemon online trying to be good at shooting at moving targets to win.

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