Pika Poke Truck

Drive a Pokemon truck and collect all Pokeballs along the way. That is the simple goal of this game. Pikachu is the designated driver of the yellow truck in play. And he is going to need your help at the helm. With your superb driving skills, help Pikachu keep the truck upright as both of you drive along. Make it run through the Pika Poke Truck path without overturning or crashing.

You also have to make sure that all the Pokeballs you collected are intact. You need to transport enough so you can go through the finish line fast and easy. Handle the monster of a truck with sheer power against the steep cliffs and mountains. To control the truck, press the Arrow Keys. The Up and Down keys are the ones mostly used in this cool Pokemon online game.

The Up Key is to accelerate the Pika Poke Truck. Down is to put the truck in reverse mode. Left and Right Arrows are also used, mostly to balance this truck. If you feel that the truck is tilting, press on either the Right or Left Arrows to restore its balance. That should keep your truck from crashing. Be very careful with the way that you drive the truck.

Expect to find a lot of bumps and steep drives. Accelerate mildly, always thinking of your cargo. Look at the target number of Pokeballs that you have to bring to the finish line. You have to carry that much number of balls in order to pass the level. If you fail to do so, you need to start the level over again. There's a bonus timer found on the upper corner of the screen.

If you reach the finish line before the timer runs out, you gain bonus points. But there are other ways to get additional points. Bring more than enough Pokeballs and you'll have extra points. There are stunt bonuses to add to your level score too. So try to play doing some tricks while on the road; but keep in mind that you shouldn't crash your truck in the process.

Here you'll play this online Pokemon challenge in six entertaining levels. Complete all of them and you will see the end of this game. Each level is characterized by different Pokemon characters. Unlock the next few levels and see which Pokemon will show up in the cards. The six Pokemon levels of this game are going to ensure you of a great driving experience.

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