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Time to play Pokemon, enjoy a similar monster. Try Pichu Dressup game online. Your mission is to simply decorate Pichu in any way. There would be lots of objects to select from to transform Pichu's head, torso, arms, and feet from its regular yellow shade to green, red, black, and orange, among others. Play this charming Pokemon online game by choosing whichever shade you wish.

You're able to fit the Pichu's color with its gears when play Pokemon Pichu Dressup game online. For all of those who can't have enough of Pikachu Dress Up games, here's another one for you... just play Pokemon online and imagine that Pichu will be your Pikachu's model. Start off by changing Pikachu's skin from the usual yellow to white, green, red, or blue.

After that, play picking him a nice set of clothes for a party with the other Pokemon characters. Or if you like to gear him up for a battle that's quite possible too. Adjust Pikachu's eyes, cheeks and foot. Make it wear crazy clothes and hats. Play Pokemon online by mixing and matching all his available accessories to your heart's delight. Pikachu is ready for this as much as you are.

Doll up Pikachu like it is the best Barbie doll in the world. Only in this Pokemon online game you can enjoy the play with cute and cuddly Pikachu in an entirely new light. And it shouldn't be battles to think about. In Pichu Dressup game online, you always have Pichu as pretty as you want it to be. Change its eyes to match the color of its body. You might put clothes, shoes, and gloves.

Play a Pokemon game that also has accessories like shades and toys that you may give to this lovable Pokemon. You'll find at least nine pairs of clothes in Pichu Dressup game online closet. Feel free to play interchanging all of them. If the chosen piece is not for a particular body part, it won't appear in front of it. This is how you know which item should be placed where.

To enjoy this Pokemon online game use the Mouse to drag items to the desired spot. Pichu Dressup game online is perfect for kids who adore it. Play Pokemon online with this bubbly character in a different light. Make it your personal, cute doll. But then Pichu is a monster. It should have to do though. Play Pichu Dressup game online for free.

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