Kill Pokemon Game

Are you tired to play Pokemon with those Poke balls that turn into special characters that have the ability to transform into a better fighter? If so, this game is for you. Play eliminating everybody on this shooting game screen. The object of Kill Pokemon game is to exterminate every single Pokemon you could see - as fast as you can.

Don't you just hate some of these creatures? Well, you'll be glad that there are online games that cater to haters like you as well. And this game is one of them. The Kill Pokemon frees the urge in you for shooting at all those little monsters, every one that you're able to detect. Play this free Pokemon online game, here you got your gun so you better get on with your hunt.

There are six Pokemon that are ready to appear on the game screen. You've got to play Pokemon killing 'em all by clicking on the left mouse button until the Pokemon explodes. You have to use as many bullets as you need. They aren't so easy to eliminate you are gonna need more than a shot to do it. And as you know, some of them can actually move extraordinarily fast.

Get your guard up because when you lose them, they are not going back and you will be one sore loser in Kill Pokemon game for sure. Now, you play Pokemon online in a time limited shooting game so your aim is to play by doing the maximum damage at the least possible time.

However, you shouldn't underestimate the quickness of the characters in the online Kill Pokemon game or you might play and lose right on the first level. For shooting at them, use your left button on mouse. If you're a trigger-happy player you would enjoy this free Pokemon game online for sure. Play coordinating your eyes and hands to win.

In this Pokemon online game of shooting you should expect them to come out from everywhere, moving fast and using their abilities. Play Pokemon online being prepared. Keep in mind that for killing one, you must shoot at it at least 3 times. At the end of the game, your score is the count of them on the ground.

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