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If you're looking for a cool coloring game, play Coloring Pokemon game online. Add some color to Pikachu and Squirtle's body. This free Pokemon game is a simple online one to play but it is quite a lot of fun. Enjoy Pokemon with this one, Coloring Pokemon game online is ideal for kids aged seven years old and below. Pikachu is with its best friend Squirtle, striking a pretty pose.

It's up to you to make the picture comes alive with shiny colors. Play Pokemon by picking from the palette what shades Squirtle and Pikachu should wear to look happy in their poses. Bring out the artist in you and get sure your pictures are alive with every stroke. Play Pokemon online by picking colors from the palette and using your paintbrush. If you want to change a shade, just overwrite.

Capture Pikachu and Squirtle's happy moments and enjoy it. Let the game introduces you to a great world of colors and wonderful possibilities. Young kids would surely enjoy this game. Once you're done, you can opt to print the colored picture by clicking on the Printing Icon on the screen and that would make your artwork a classic. Frame your child's very first artwork and enjoy it forever.

Enjoy a free Pokemon game where you play by coloring Pikachu and its friend Squirtle, to do this select from shades on the right side of the game screen. The cursor becomes a paint brush. And it's the one that you will use to play making Pikachu and Squirtle come alive on the vibrant colors of Coloring Pokemon game online.

Now, if you need to play Pokemon online with more shades, simply click on the second and third pallet on the lower right part of Coloring Pokemon game online. Once the coloring is finished, print your work. Play a free Pokemon game that is perfect for moms and dads who wish to keep a copy of their child's early works as a token. Play Pokemon online using any shade that you like.

You may always play switching the selected shade by clicking on that pallet and the game board. Paint and repaint the subjects over and over again until you achieve the perfect shade you really like. Enjoy Coloring Pokemon game online with your kids and show them to play Pokemon online with numerous colors while having fun, here at for free.

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