Charizard Pokeride Game

Here is an enjoyable racing game wherein you have to bring Pokemon Charizard right into the finish line. It is going to be a very long journey for Ash and you, especially with all the obstacles coming your way. Ash rides Charizard's back and you get to play controlling their path. You need to catch all Pokeballs while staying clear of the other Pokemons blocking your path.

There will be tons of Pokeballs all over Charizard Pokeride game and you've got to collect as many of them as possible. The Pokeballs are color-coded and each color corresponds to a number of points. Yellow Pokeballs are worth the highest at 500 points. The red ones are scored 100 points and the blue balls are at 50 points. To move Charizard, simply use the Arrow Keys.

Use either the Left or Right Arrow Key to make him move to the desired direction. Charizard moves forward automatically so you need not push the up arrow key to accelerate him. While that seems to be an advantage, it also means that you won't be able to get Charizard to slow down. Charizard is a well-loved Pokemon character simply because he is one of Ash's favorite.

Ash takes with him five Pokemons during his journeys and Charizard is always one of them. Charizard is a fire Pokemon. His best traits are throwing fire and resisting heat. Like all other Pokemons, Charizard has special capabilities that only his kind possesses. Everyone knows that Ash is the ultimate Pokemon master. But Charizard is one of the Pokemons that he can't leave without.

He always puts Charizard in its Pokeball and takes him wherever he goes. When the need for his special powers comes about, Ash simply sets him free and into a Pokemon battle he'll be. It's one of the fiercest Pokemons there is. Taking care of this type and training it can be such a challenge. One of the special abilities of a fire Pokemon that a master has to teach is Blast Burn.

Charizard can learn dragon-like abilities - the dragon claw, dragon rage, dragon pulse, and dragon breath. And as a fully evolved Pokemon, it should be able to do the giga impact and hyper beam techniques. This Pokemon loves battles and he tends to look for opponents by himself. Because he's very competitive, Ash relies so much on his powers when the going gets really tough.

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