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The object of Assassin Pokemon game 2 is to annihilate the whole population of Charmander. You're a sniper on this free Pokemon game, kill Charmander as silently as possible. In the online Assassin Pokemon game 2 you would find lots of 'em on target. Aim and then fire them on their heads. If you play this Pokemon online game firing on the body, it won't take them down.

Play Pokemon looking through that big cross hair for a clean shot to the face, between the eyes. If you simply love Pikachu and can't bring yourself for killing them, this online game is for you. With your desire to be one monster assassin over night, try to play killing as many Charmander as you possibly can. In the free Silent Assassin Pokemon game, Charmanders are your only targets.

This time you should fair better as you've got Charmander on the hot trail. Play Pokemon completing all the game levels by killing all of the Charmanders you locate. There will be ones on the farthest end of your view. You must get to the head of the creatures in order to bring them down. Ready or not, start the game. You have to fulfill that dream of becoming a monsters assassin right now.

On this Pokemon online game you should play using the cross hair of the gun to have a good view of your target. While you can't see the entire field you can very well shift views using the barrel of your gun. Be precise with your shots. You won't be a super assassin if you can't do that. Play Pokemon online and don't let any Charmander escape from your view. Finish all of them and win.

You may begin Assassin Pokemon game 2 by hitting the big ones down to the smaller characters. Or, basically play Pokemon by shooting whichever you want first. When you finish with all free game characters, play Assassin Pokemon game 2 on its next game level and you'll discover the biggest Charmander. On that level you are given only 5 seconds to play Pokemon and eliminate it

You have to blow Charmander head out within that limit, that's all you've received - you need to play shooting precisely. Assassin Pokemon game 2 is a free Pokemon online game for beginners. Here, you may practice the skill of aiming and firing. Let a friend timing your performance while play Pokemon online. Kids and old dudes alike are going to love Assassin Pokemon game 2.

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