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Play Assassin Pokemon Game 1, it's made with Pikachu haters and lovers in mind. In this Pokemon online game, your role is to play Pokemon characterizing an assassin. You are supposed to kill all monsters appearing on the screen. Assassin Pokemon game 1 is simple and the rules are straightforward - armed with a cross hair target, exterminate every Pikachu you see and win.

Here, you play Pokemon online with a limited view. But it shouldn't keep you from getting your goal to eliminate all the Pikachu you distinguish on the screen. You must play using a head shot - that's the only gun that can make a Pikachu go down. There would be ten or more Pikachu to eliminate. Be sure that you get to all of them, including the smallest one on the farthest end of the scene.

Once you finished killing all Pikachus, target the Done Button as well. Doing so takes you to play Pokemon to other level. Assassin Pokemon game 1 is a multi-level game that should keep you on your toes. Not that it'll make your dream of playing as an assassin come true, you are gonna be an elite monster killer at that as well. This online game is way better than being a regular trainer!

Like a real assassin, play Assassin Pokemon game 1 where you got a sniper gun complete with cross hair vision. This time, you will play Pokemon online by shooting at Pikachu straight in the head to kill it. Otherwise, your shot won't do any damage. Play and enjoy this free Pokemon online game with Pikachu appearing on different distances and perspectives from you.

In Assassin Pokemon game 1, some of these creatures could appear near you, while others could seem very far away in the game. You have to play Pokemon online taking down all Pikachus to succeed on this free online game. If you play and a re able to destroy all them, the Pokemon game is over and you win. Utilize just the Mouse to move your gun.

Shoot as accurately as you can to finish the game fast and easy. You should execute Pikachu in a precise manner so you won't waste any shots. Play Assassin Pokemon game 1 which is perfect game for young children and those who are young at heart. Show Pikachu that you're better than him. Enjoy entertaining Pokemon online games for free, here at

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